Get the Most Out of Your APLD TX Membership
March 31, 2016

At APLD TX, our goal is to provide you the seeds to invigorate and inspire the landscape design industry through your individual practice, your company and your community involvement. This year, we have new leadership, a fresh APLD TX website and more local activities than ever before.

In support of this exciting new leadership and direction, I would to like make sure that each APLD TX member is getting the most out of their membership. Below are several tips for how you can maximize your membership benefits.


  • Submit your work. As part of our updated website, we now have several different opportunities for you to showcase your work and I invite you to take full advantage of those opportunities by submitting high-res, magazine quality photos to Quality photos will be showcased on our front page slideshow and/or as a feature image for your Designer Portfolio.


  • Submit your headshot. We would like to include a short bio along with your headshot on our Find a Designer page. Please make sure headshots are high-res and professional quality.


  • Submit your stories. Have you or your design company been featured in an article, blog post, magazine or any other media outlet recently? If so, please submit this info to so we can spotlight you on our In The News page.


  • Attend community events. We have several exciting events happening throughout the year to inspire, educate and extend your practice. I encourage you to attend as many of these events as you can. You can always find an updated list of activities on our Calendar.


  • Attend a webinar. As a current member of APLD you are entitled to a free APLD produced webinar each year. Webinars and webinar info can be found on our online Calendar.


  • Attend the National Conference. This year’s APLD National Conference will be held in Santa Fe, NM from September 15-18, plan to be there.


If you have any other great ideas for an event or a suggestion for chapter improvement, we would love to hear from you! Please send all all ideas / suggestions to